We believe in the future—and our ability to shape it.

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Use Your Brand Shape culture and inspire progress

If your company feels this and wants to use your brand for more—then we have to talk!

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We design and build brands for mission-driven companies, so they can fulfill their mission, live their purpose, and become what they’re meant to be.

*companies, organizations, campaigns, conferences, events, festivals, exhibitions, experiences, and more...

We’re a branding & design studio born in Asheville, NC

Lead your market with something different

Let’s talk future →

We’ve joined forces with Buchi, as their agency of record, to help them grow the impact of their cult–followed brand with a packaging redesign and rollout of two new drink lines.

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A brand for social good and the good of bellies everywhere.

Create messaging that aligns with your values

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We partnered with the women at Blue Wing (who were kicking ass in business) to rebrand their company and bring clarity to how they communicate who they are and what they do.

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Supplying proven methods to independent, rapidly scaling companies doing good.

Speak your mission at every level—mostly loud

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We helped the founders of Baba Nahm bring shape to their vision with a name and brand that speaks their mission at high volume—and shows what good fast food really is.

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A grab and go middle eastern food place. No junk, no joke, our food is fast and free of harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Build your brand to last 100 years

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We’ve joined with the Center for Craft to build a brand that brings clarity to the many divisions of their organization and supports the work they do on a local and national level.

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Building a Future for Craft

Be revolutionary doing what you love

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A group of disruptive innovators empowering craft manufacturers all over the world.

We helped Ekos create their “make more_” mission-based brand offer that empowers independent craft producers.

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Futures Bright is an exceptionally thoughtful and creative design firm. I’ve worked with them on numerous occasions, and each time they seem to so fully absorb the DNA of my brand or project that the solutions they came up with feel both familiar and delightfully new. I always come away inspired and confident that we are heading towards a bright future.”

Futures Bright is a breath of fresh air in Asheville—intelligent, creative and cutting-edge! Plus they take pride in, and stand behind, their design approach. Each time I sit down with them I am able to reflect on the Center's work in a new way with fresh energy and excitement.”

I’m so grateful for the unbelievable creative work Futures Bright has done to bring both of my restaurants, Baba Nahm and Bimberibon to reality. Their energy in creating the total package, from the naming to the physical feel/design, and all our websites has been remarkable. It has been a joy to work with them throughout their process.”

Ways to work with us

We love working with clients on a monthly subscription basis and find it super effective for companies/organization experiencing growth. However, many initially come to us with a very specific project or need. So it’s common for us to begin our relationship with a clearly defined project.


The best fit if you are growing fast and have many needs. We’ll plug us in as your internal creative team and we’ll help prioritize your goals on a monthly basis and use our Proven Method to meet those goals.


If you have a single mission to accomplish with a specific deadline to meet, starting with a project may work best for you. Each project runs through every stage of our Proven Method.

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes you may need an additional set of ears to help process and refine new ideas. Our strategy sessions allow you to talk through the plan and think through pointed questions about your potential market, offer and communication strategies. Many sessions lead to a monthly subscription to build out the idea.

Make the world want to see your work—your passion.

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Alongside the inspirational founders of Living Roofs Inc., we internalized into their mission and created to understand how they are changing the way humans think about roofs and making life grow in new and unexpected places.

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Dedicated to a more colorful and sustainable future through the growth and development of Green Roofs


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Mountains to Sea

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Baba Nahm

Brand Strategy—Brand Identity—Packaging Design—Naming—Art Direction

Buchi: Kefir Soda

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Collider: ClimateCon 2018

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Blue Wing

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UNC Asheville New Media

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Center for Craft: Craft City

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Living Roofs